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5 Reasons to Choose a Citroen Van

There are many reasons to choose a van over a car, but finding the right van can be confusing. With so many different makes on the market, all manufacturers make various claims as to why their vans are the best. One brand that consistently performs strongly in tests is Citroen. Here are five of the reasons why Citroen vans are considered a good choice.


Citroen design their vans to be as economical as possible. For a start, they consistently perform well on fuel consumption. Their Berlingo range, the second smallest van they produce, can achieve up to an incredible 62.8MPG. Even some models of the Relay, their largest van, are capable of 42.8MPG. In addition, all Citroen vans are fitted with cost effective, common tyres that are easy to source and replace. The body parts also contain some innovative money saving ideas, such as the front bumper of the Relay, which divides into three parts. If you have a bump, this means you will not necessarily have to replace the whole bumper; only the damaged section.


Not all van drivers’ needs are the same. One of the reasons Citroen is such a popular brand is the extensive range of vans they offer. Their van range has four basic models: the Nemo, Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay. Each of these is available with a wide variety of different options, allowing you to tailor your van to suit your purposes. In some cases, different versions of the van are available, including the Relay, which comes in four different lengths and three different heights.

Load Capacity

Obviously, the main reason most people will choose a van over a car is the ability to carry larger loads, yet vans can vary greatly when it comes to the height and weight of the loads they are able to carry. Citroen have come up with a number of innovative solutions for increasing the load capacity of their vans. These include asymmetric rear doors that open up to 180 degrees, and large, sliding side doors. The Berlingo also allows one of the front seats to fold downwards or upwards to increase load length or allow high loads to be carried in the cabin.


Safety is one of the most important considerations when choosing a vehicle of any kind. All Citroen vans are subject to rigorous testing procedures. They also come with an impressive number of safety features, including ABS, driver airbag as standard, optional passenger airbags, traction control, parking sensors and a choice of bulkheads for optimum visibility.

Modern Technology

Many people now need to use their vehicle as a mobile office. In Citroen vans, this has been made possible, with all models now installed with Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports to plug in your mobile devices. The larger models (Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay) also come with optional colour touch screens that display reversing cameras for ease of parking and to enable loading to be monitored from inside the cabin. The Dispatch and Relay also have optional cruise control.


Benefits of utilize a removal company Birmingham

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