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Projector Headlight. Such are special types of headlights that manufacture stronger beam and a more concentrated illumination; thus these headlights have less “scatter loss.” It is named as such because it was developed like a slide projector.

Towing Mirror. These are special types of mirrors who are used to aid in towing. They may be utilized to switch out or they may be attached to the outside mirrors to provide additional visibility and safety.

Mud Guard. Among the many useful components in a car, truck, SUV or van are the mud guards. Even though these auto parts or accessories might not totally or significantly affect the effectiveness of your car, these are essential in keeping your vehicle clean and away from pollutants such as mud, slush and stones that could speed up wear and tear or corrosion of other parts in your vehicle.

AC Compressor. This is a part of the AC system. It performs a vital task of moving the liquid around the pipe. It pumps and forces the liquid or the refrigerant gas out from the evaporator where it absorbed the heat coming from the car’s cabin. In the compressor, the gas is compressed before it is transferred to the condenser where actual heat dissipation occurs.

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Let’s identify and discuss briefly the use of some of these new auto parts and the importance of these products to your vehicle’s ultimate driving performance.

Headlights and additional auto lights are very important to one’s safety; thus, they are essential in every automobile. Aside from keeping the car apparent as it moves down the road, lights provide illumination for you to drive by, signal other drivers that you are going to stop, turn or move to another pathway.

Oxygen Sensor. This particular auto part is an essential part of the exhaust system. It is a hollow tube that is inserted into the exhaust manifold to measure how much oxygen is present in the exhaust so that the computer can either add or subtract certain amount of fuel to obtain an adequate mixture of air and fuel source. A high quality oxygen sensor can help you achieve maximum fuel economy and efficiency.

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