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4Simple Steps to Tint the Windows of Your Automobile


Tinted windows have become a necessity and luxury at the sametime. People go for tinting due to various reasons such as; safety, privacy, protection, and appeal. The blazing heat of summer makes it difficult to drive and brings harmful UV raystoyour car. UV rays are bad for your health as well as your car’s shelf life. Xpel Paint Protection Film is better to protect yourself from these factors.

4 Simple Steps to Tint the Windows of Your Automobile

  • Check out the suitable options:

Any tint selected by you will have its own pros and cons. There are different options like; OEM tinted glass, film tint, and coating tint.

OEM Tint:OEM comes naturally within the glass. It is a film that exists right inside the glass at the time of manufacturing.These stay for as long as the glass exists. Many States have approved OEM tinting as these are lighter in shade and does not break the rules or regulations. These will be a bit expensive compared to others; however, the effects stay for long.

Coating Tint: The process of coating tint involves spraying atinted solution on the existing glass. The coating lasts longer than other film tinting. Paint Protection Film Ottawa offers professional services of coating tints as per your needs.

Film Tint:This is a very popular method of tinting. It is a great choice for those who prefer window safety as the tinting also reduces the possibility of window cracking during collision. However, if you are looking for long term durability, then it is not a good choice.Film tinting is temporary and needs a replacement after every few years.

  • Clean windows:

If you are doingthe tinting work by yourself, make sure that you clean the windows well. Clean them thoroughly from inside and outside. You need to repeat the cleaning process for two to three times. Check the web for a video presentation on cleaning windows.

  • Measure the film:

Xpel Paint Protection Film professionals will always measure your film first beforecutting it. For your reference, usually the side that is stickier is the film and the silk side is the liner. Pasting the film needs extra care and caution. You need to ensure that the entire window gets covered with the film.

  • Applying the application solution:

Get a branded application solution. You need to spray the interiorside of the window in a gentle manner. The extra adhesive side needs to be sprayed and cleaned too.

If you are unsure or still cautious of tinting your windows by yourself, then taking a professional help would be wise. Paint Protection Film Ottawa provides good guidance to cater to your tinting needs. Professionals areskilled at tinting windows without causing any wear or tear of your window and paint.